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Humble beginings

The technology behind the Internet began back in the 1960′s at MIT. The first message ever to be transmitted was LOG.. why? The user had attempted to type LOGIN, but the network crashed after the enormous load of data of the letter G. It was to be a while before Facebook would be developed…

The first webcam was deployed at Cambridge University computer lab – its sole purpose to monitor a particular coffee maker and hence avoid wasted trips to an empty pot.


A content management system (CMS)

is a computer system that allows publishing, editing, and modifying content as well as site maintenance from a central page. It provides a collection of procedures used to manage workflow in a collaborative environment.

  • Allow for a large number of people to share and contribute to stored data;
  • Control access to data based on user role (i.e. define information that users or user groups can view, edit or publish etc.);
  • Facilitate storage and retrieval of data;
  • Control data validity and compliance, easily keep stock up to date;
  • Reduce duplicate inputs;
  • Simplify report writing;
  • Improve communication among users.
  • Define data as almost anything: documents, movies, texts, pictures, phone numbers, articles etc.

  • Over the years we have worked on many CMS systems varying from an enormous image collection for Gallo Images as well as many Property and product related sites.

    No matter how complex or simple your project can be, I can provide you with the best unique web site development solution.

    Each CMS site has a password protected 'Admin' area which can be accessed from anywhere in the world and updated. Keep your products online up to date and correctly priced. The admin area is also used to maintain things such as news articles, galleries, events, forthcoming attractions as well as special offers etc.

    Each admin area is unique and caters for all your needs, utilizing user rolls we can allow management more functions than sales staff for example.

    We always try to make use of the latest development tools to ensure your company stays at the forefront online.

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